What are the public available products? How to acces them?#

You will find the products available for you on the tab Booked Applications after logging in. There you can see the applications that are booked and that can still be booked. This is so to say the Playstore or Appstore of AgileAS.

You must have administrator rights to see this tab.

You can find a growing list of product descriptions on the Products page here in the Wiki.

Another source is the list on the AgileAS homepage.

How to access the non public products?#

AgileAS can also manage applications that are not publicly available. For example, applications that are only operated in the company's own network or those that are offered exclusively.

These applications and products can then be managed by you as easily as the public products. The AgileAS support will help you to connect these products before they appear in your Appstore.

If you are a user and not an IT manager, please ask your team leader or the IT department in your company.

Either way, if that doesn't lead to an answer, we'll be happy to help you. Please contact our support!

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