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!!!Welcome to the AgileAS Wiki
Keep your team focused on building your products. If you’re not interested in maintaining your own infrastructure, take a look at [AgileAS|http://AgileAS.de]. Leave the backups, updates, and maintenance to us. Don't shave the Yak.

This Wiki is a source for answeres to [Frequently asked Questions|FAQ En] and helps you [Getting Started].

!!!Willkommen im AgileAS Wiki
Fokussiere dein Team auf euer Produkt. Wenn du kein Interesse an den Wartungsarbeiten deiner eigenen Infrastruktur hast, schau dir [AgileAS|http://AgileAS.de] an. Überlass uns die Backups, Updates und die Wartungstasks. Don't shave the Yak.

Dieses Wiki liefert Antworten auf [häufige Fragen|FAQ De] und hilft Dir zu [starten|Getting Started]

!!!Where am I?
This is the [AgileAS|http://agileas.de] Wiki. It is intended to help users to answer frequently asked questions and get started with products hostet at AgileAS.