Welcome to the AgileAS Wiki#

Keep your team focused on building your products. If you’re not interested in maintaining your own infrastructure, take a look at AgileAS. Leave the backups, updates, and maintenance to us. Don't shave the Yak.

This Wiki is a source for answeres to Frequently asked Questions and helps you Getting Started.

Willkommen im AgileAS Wiki#

Fokussiere dein Team auf euer Produkt. Wenn du kein Interesse an den Wartungsarbeiten deiner eigenen Infrastruktur hast, schau dir AgileAS an. Überlass uns die Backups, Updates und die Wartungstasks. Don't shave the Yak.

Dieses Wiki liefert Antworten auf häufige Fragen und hilft Dir zu starten

Where am I?#

This is the AgileAS Wiki. It is intended to help users to answer frequently asked questions and get started with products hostet at AgileAS.

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